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Life's Tree of Dreams - poem
« on: January 22, 2019, 12:25:57 PM »
    Life's Tree of Dreams

 If I speak of time as my friend
 don't think unkind of me for
 accepting that my time is my destiny.

 For, my yesterdays  were my playground
 Where I nurtured on the day,
 and with each passing day put my childish
 things away.

 If I speak of time as my friend
 As my life dwindles to its end
 And I still behold tomorrow
 as a hope filled day, don't think bad of me
 For in all my years of living I've found,
 What ever is meant to be, will be.

 For, I have traveled the highways  that lead
 to nowhere ...
 Got lost in the fields of dispair
 And grasped for things from Life's tree of dreams
 that wasn't there.

 I have lived both sides of life, because
 at times  they  both looked the same
 until life took and twisted my heart
 And taught me things that I never forgot...
 Lessons painted in my mind and engraved
 on my heart.

 What lesson can have such power?
 you might ask...

 The one that says 'there can be no future,
 until there's lived the past.'
                     -Jan Tetstone