Author Topic: Purple Fairy Helps Katie Bear -Children's story 408 words  (Read 390 times)

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Purple Fairy Helps Katie Bear -Children's story 408 words
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:28:35 PM »
All comments welcome, and appreciated.     Jan

                                             Purple Fairy Helps Katie Bear  by Jan Tetstone

Katie Bear would have swallowed her instantly if Carter Crow had not cast himself between them.

"Don't touch her! She belongs to the purple fairies," he said. “They have been looking for her the whole evening, but could not find her."

Katie Bear brushed Carter Crow aside.

"Don't meddle with what you don't understand!" she roared. “I shall eat her, or she will play us some mean trick."

She opened her jaws again, but meanwhile the fairy had had time to think, and, quick as a flash, she dug into her fairy bag, brought out her magic fairy wand, and pointed it toward the bear's open mouth.

Katie Bear snorted when she saw the wand, and with that the fairy raised it higher, but Katie Bear did not repeat the attack.

"Can you do magic with that thing?" asked Katie Bear.

"Yes, I can." replied the fairy, hoping she might be able to scare the bear.

"Perhaps you could also cast spells," said Katie Bear.

"Oh, that would be no problem for me!" replied the fairy.

"Good!" exclaimed the bear. "You shall do me a service. Now I am very glad that I did not eat you."

Katie Bear took the fairy very carefully between her paws and climbed up from the pit. As soon as she was up, she speedily made for the magical forest. Here she lay down and placed the fairy in front of her, holding her securely between her paws.

“Now look down on that big hollow tree,” she said.

The fairy looked down to see what the bear meant, and she soon found out. A giant bee hive,  swarming with bees hang, from the tree’s only branch.

"Surely you can get the honey for me?" remarked the bear.

 The fairy was thinking that the only thing that might save her was that the bear wanted the honey, more than she wanted to eat a fairy.

"If you will get me that honey, I'll promise to spare your life," said Katie Bear. "But if you don't do it, I'll make short work of you. Will you or won't you?"

The fairy knew that she ought to answer promptly that she would, she knew the bear's paws would squeeze her to death, if she gave the wrong answer; so she said, "I shall have to think it over. I need to use the right spell."

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