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Life's Sand - poem
« on: January 09, 2019, 01:26:49 PM »
Life's Sand

 Walk the path that lay at
 your feet ...

 Let yesterdays tracks be
 worthy of another's wandering
 feet to follow in.

 Turn from the path that leads
 to nowhere. . .
 When in search of your true self.

 Fear not, what lay in wait
 at your journey's end.

 The paths in life are many.
 Walk upright, down the path
 wherever your life takes you.

 Remembering, always,
 to give thanks for the stones
 in your path that your god
 helped you move.

 The lessons we learn on
 our life's journey,
 though they be many or few,
 will be left for others to ponder
 as they walk in the sands of life
 that you had once walked through.

         -Jan Tetstone
11:40pm August 31, 2015