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Write With Heart -poem
« on: December 23, 2018, 09:57:43 AM »
Write With Heart

God, truly, loves the poet who writes for others.
 The poet who ,with heart and soul ,chains each
 word together.

 What is a world without love? Dark and empty.

 What is a heart without love?

 A broken soul,
 crying out in the darkest part of ones being.

 When you take pen in hand, ponder the words
 before you give them life through poetry.

 For, words alone are meaningless but words
 written with love have the power to change
 lives' and hearts' destiny.

 It is the words we leave behind in poetry that
 possess the potential to nurture the hearts
 and souls of all humanity.

 God, truly, loves the poet who writes for others.
 The poet who, with heart and soul, chains each
 word together.

 Write with heart ,dear poet, in life's darkest times
 that your words in the future will for a lost soul

 The ability to write with heart is not just a form of
 art ~ It's a gift from God.

 Write with heart! Write with heart! Dear poet,
 Write with heart.
                   By fireandice aka  Jan Tetstone

Written 8-3-10