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Give Thanks - poem
« on: December 21, 2018, 11:10:08 AM »
Give Thanks

 When day's light
 Shines down on you
 Only to turn to liquid sunshine
 Drenching you through and through
 Give thanks for the sunshine
 That welcomed in the day
 Give thanks for the rain
 That washed the dust away
 Give thanks for each moment
 In the day spent
 Give thanks for all things
 That a new day brings.

 For the day with all its storms
 Holds tomorrows dream
 In every drop of rain
 And in every sunbeam.

 Give thanks for the day
 It's yours to do with
 As you please
 It is the first day
 Of the rest of your life
 Live it with your heart
 And nourish the moments
 With your love
 That your very present
 In the day
 Will find you worthy
 To walk in lights of gold
 That even on a stormy day
 Warms the very soul.
        -Jan Tetstone
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