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English Alive - for young student writers
« on: December 20, 2018, 10:52:42 AM »

English Alive through the years

The first edition of English Alive was published in 1967, and it has been published every year since then. Approximately 70 pieces of poetry and prose of all sorts and about anything are selected for publication each year. Robin Malan was one of the founding editors in 1967, and, over the 50 years of its existence, has edited more than 20 editions. For the 2018 edition, there are two co-editors, Robin Malan and Twanji Kalula, with two assistant editors, Naeelah Lawrence and Sharon Sheldon. Any high school student is invited to submit one piece or a small number of pieces (a maximum of five), either independently or through their school. You can submit at any time of the year.

The closing date for submissions each year is 1 April (we allow for late-posted entries until 1 May).

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