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I'm not good with titles - Hi.
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:06:59 PM »
Happy holidays in advance. As my forum-name suggests Iím an aspiring author. I finished the raw draft of my novel some time ago. The process was quite tiresome but rewarding. At the end of each day or week depending on my schedule, I could pat myself on the back and say: ďI wrote 3000 words today.Ē

Financial pressure made me take a break after I finished the first draft and returned to writingÖ about five months ago. It is embarrassing to confess but thatís the way it is. Since then I didnít make any progress, hell Iím still stuck at the second chapter. Every sentence I edit and re-write needs more work, and Iím never satisfied or pleased.

I scratch what I write and return to it repeatedly to the point I lost all motivation and will to continue. Nothing is good enough and I begin to question my ability. I make excuses, stall, and chase my own tail. People close to me think Iím on schedule and doing well, supposed to be finished by 10th January.

TMI, I know, but hey Ė Itís the Internet. I am anonymous and I can be honest here. So what do I expect from this community? Well, one shouldnít have any expectations. What I hope is to find people that walked or are walking in my shoes. People with experience that can give me advice and stuffÖ and maybe Iíll even post some of my stuff and get a second opinion. Maybe what I write is good but Iím just stuck in my head, who knows?

So, please to meet you.

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Re: I'm not good with titles - Hi.
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Pleased to meet you. Welcome to MWC.   

Sometime it helps to be able to edit stuff.

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Re: I'm not good with titles - Hi.
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2018, 08:07:59 PM »
Hi AspiringAuthor. You wrote 3000 words in one day! Wow. I am trying to finish up a draft myself and I can't even imagine getting that much done is a week. With my schedule... it's really not possible, but I try.

I'm not all that experienced, but I would love to read some of your work.