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Editing group short stories
« on: December 05, 2018, 11:59:48 AM »
Hi everyone,

My name is Ubi, I'm from the Netherlands. Two years ago I started my novel, yet due to financial circumstances I've been writing short stories (historical fiction) in hope to publish them every week. I would like to see whether I should pursue to see if it makes money. I've been told my writing style is catching, but up till now I've written in Dutch.

So I am looking for other writers of short stories, who are looking for editors too, so we can check each others stories.

Regards, Ubi
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Re: Editing group short stories
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Ubi86, Welcome to MWC.  Please, go to  Welcome page, and introduce yourself.     jt
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Re: Editing group short stories
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Hey Ubi,

Thanks for sharing your purpose for joining the community, you'll find that plenty of our members are happy to offer feedback on your materials, and don't hold punches so you're in a good place if you want honest feedback on the quality of your works.

You mention an interest in learning whether your historical fiction could earn any cash flow, have you done any market research on where your stories could fit within the current writers market?

And not to create disillusion out of the gate, thinking realistically here, sometimes writing (or really any ideas for that matter) that we personally think are amazing can fall flat in a market where there is no demand or need for it.

When bringing new ideas, or in this case publications, to the market, I would challenge you to think about what might be missing from the market in addition to what people might be seeking to learn or have, and whether it directly (or indirectly, if you can create an association), relates to what you currently have.

If it doesn't, then the challenge is to evolve what you have and or what you're doing so that it can fit within the market you are trying to tap.

Hope those thoughts help, the more open you are about what you know or don't know for that matter, the better you will be at learning what you need to get to your goals.

Looking forward to learning more about your goals as a writer so that we can support you!
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Re: Editing group short stories
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Hello, Ubi, and Welcome!
My blog is  (It's new-ish!)

Also, check out my self-published first novel, The Last Time

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