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My Prayer - poem
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:04:29 PM »

 My Prayer- poem

God, on this day give me the strength and wisdom
 to know and walk the right way.

 When I come face to face with confusion and strife
 give me the understanding that I need to move on
 with my life . . .

 When I find in my day a situation that brings tears
 to my eyes, and cry out in silence- let me find the
 courage in my heart to remember that love has the
 power to overcome all things.

 God, After I have made it safely through the day
 Let me not for get, as I lay me down to sleep, that
 Just as you are my day's light; you are my guardian
 and comforter in my night.       
                                                     -Jan Tetstone

[written 9:30am September 29,2012]