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Hello! I'm Ysobel.
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:59:23 AM »
I am writing a series of stories about a girl with a sword in the fantasy/adventure genre.

My stories revolve around Zax. She's a combination of Xena and Lara Croft. She wields Hellion, a sentient sword that embodies Vengeance. They are responsible for getting the right relic to the right person at the right time. They are sometimes helped, but mostly hindered, by gods, goddesses, mythological creatures, and typical run-of-the-mill villains. Hi-jinks and shenanigans happen.

Each of my stories deals with a different mythology and historical person so while the core group of characters stays the same the environment and other characters are new each time.

I'm hoping to find some other writers and readers here that will help me to evolve from a writer to an author.

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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Welcome to MWC, Ysobel.          jt
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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Hello and welcome.
My blog is  (It's new-ish!)

Also, check out my self-published first novel, The Last Time

@  (Amazon link)

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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Hello Ysobel. Welcome.

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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Greetings, Ysobel.
My website is currently having a holiday, but will return like the $6,000,000 man.  Bigger, stronger, etc.

In the meantime, why not take pity on a starving author and visit my book sales page at

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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
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Hi Ysobel!

Welcome to MWC and thanks for your intro!

When reading the overview of your story, the video game "Heavenly Sword" came to mind, while her weapon doesn't embody vengeance it does alter shape based on fighting stance through out the game. I would love to hear the backstory on how Zax's weapon came to be and how it works, is it something that consistently needs to be "powered up" or recharged with the power of vengeance? How does that fit into the story line?

I'm a total fantasy, action adventure nerd, and am looking forward to reading some of the stories you've already put together :)

A couple more questions if you don't mind, what sort of contribution you are seeking from the community? Where do you feel that your current "growth points" are from making that transition from a writer into an actual author?

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Re: Hello! I'm Ysobel.
« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2018, 07:25:27 AM »
Thanks for the welcomes!

JameelaM - Before she became Hellion, the sword once belonged to the god Freyr, and was capable of hunting and fighting on its own. It fell into the hands of a very bad being, and was forced to start hunting souls to empower its owner. The sword is stolen from him, but the magic that was supposed to free the sword from its ability to take souls backfired and every soul that was unjustly taken, no matter how or by who, ended up trapped in the sword. The only way they can be freed is by some sort of vengeance.   

The sword is eventually given to Zax by a group of goddesses when she agrees to serve as Paladinne. Each goddess gives them a 'gift' and Hel scratches them with Famine, her dagger (hope you never get Hel as your secret Santa, seriously worst gift giver ever.) The Hunger Hel gave them is fed when Zax and Hellion take a soul and send it to Hel, so they work to free the souls trapped in Hellion by feeding Hel's Hunger.  Fortunately when dealing with powerful relics, as they do, they run into a lot of souls they can send to Hel and in the process free other souls from Hellion.

Does that make sense or was it too convoluted?

What I'd like from the community is to find other writers/authors that create and enjoy the same types of fantasy/adventure stories to share ideas with and get feedback from. I am happy to beta read and critique stories in exchange for the same. 

I think a major growth point for me is being able to tell when I've not described something adequately. I've traveled in 150 countries and use the places I've been as settings in my stories. I can see all the places I send Zax easily because I was there, but I think I have trouble describing atmosphere and frame of mind of my characters sometimes.