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Writings from Heartsong's Poetry Diary
« on: November 05, 2018, 08:06:44 PM »
There is a giant that kills
 the spirit, with the drawing of tears.
 That strips away at a man's very soul-
 until there is nothing left.

There is a giant, created by men and
 women too, that crushes homes and hearts
 that feeds off the dreams of those who,
 unaware, become the victims of their greed.

If a man's heart gets broken
 love can mend it......
 If a man's spirit gets broken
 Faith can heal it......
 If a man loses his will to fight
 he loses the battle before the fight begins.

In our daily lives , in this life, when it
 comes to heart and home- fear not the
 giant of and love are things
 the greedy can never own.

Keep faith! Fight the good fight!
 Never doubt the power of the smallest stone.
8:04am November 22, 2013

There is only one breath between
 living and dying.

Take life not for granted.

To quickly life passes
 from the first breath taken
 to the last breath. jt

If tomorrow brings me sorrow,
 I will wipe away the tears, as I did
 in my yesterdays.
 If tomorrow my heart should break
 I will accept heartache, like the tears,
 as being part of being alive....
 Just as we are born to die
 we are born to cry.
9:54pm November 21, 2013

Sing, O heart of mine
 Sing the tune I carry
 inside of me....
 Sing softly into the breeze
 that the winds might carry
 love and peace ;and
  those touched by the breeze
 might life's greatest gift
 Sing of love, O heart of mine
 loud enough for the closed ear
 to hear.....
 Sing, softly, O heart of mine
 Sing softly into the breeze
 that the winds might carry
 love and peace.
         -Jan Tetstone

9:26pm November 21, 2013