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Poetry From Heartsong's Diary
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:51:44 AM »

Poetry From Heartsong's Diary

The fight will come soon enough,
 when the souls of men shall be

 Why cry for the blood of another
 to be shed..

When the tears that
 fall over spilled blood might
 fall on the grave where you lay?

 Why seek to destroy places and
 people out of hate..... when
 love could build for humanity
 a world filled with peace?

 Let not anger take the place
 of commonsense...

 Let not hate fill in for love...

 Let not your pain become the pain
 of another.......

 Love can change life for the better.

 Hate can only make life lonely, and
 leave one bitter.

10:38pm Sept 8, 2015

 Walk the path that lay at
 your feet ...
 Let yesterdays tracks
 be worthy of another
 wandering feet to follow in.
 Turn from the path that leads
 to nowhere,
 When in search of your true self.

Fear not what lay in wait
 at your journey's end.
 The paths in life are many
 Walk upright down the path
 wherever your life takes you.

Remembering, always,
 to give thanks for the stones
 in your path- that your god
 helped you move.

The lessons we learn on
 our life's journey
 though they be many or few
 will be left for others to ponder
 as they walk in the sands of life
 that you had once walked through.
11:40pm August 31, 2015

I cried out in pain
 then gave thanks
 for everything in the day
 my tears still falling
 God took the pain away.
 Never lose faith
 Never give in to self-pity
 Always, there will be
 someone who's pain
 is greater than your own.
 Tears and heartaches
 fade with time...
 Once one deserts his faith
 Pains last longer and
 the peace one searches for
 one cannot find.
2:12pm August 12, 2015

My poetry diary is the story
of my life,and my thoughts
on life.I can read them
and though I may not know
where live will take me-
I know ,reading my poetry,
where my life has been.

Example: On 2:12pm August 12,2015
The floor in my trailer gave way,
my body, in a standing position,
went through the floor, and I screamed
out in pain.

Heart writing is different than writing pose and/or poetry.
It needs none to approve its
creation.          jt