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I Will Never Forget You- Poem
« on: November 02, 2018, 05:36:58 PM »
I Will Never Forget You

I will never forget you
 You were always there
 The many times I needed
 a friend to help me get

 You were my nursemaid
 when I was small
 A kiss or hug from you
 cured it all....

 You were my favorite chef
 You served me with love
 That lingers with me to
 this day....

 You were the teacher that
 fed my soul with your ways,
 and wisdom...leaving not
 an inch of my heart to wonder
 the true meaning of love.

 You were my best friend
 You held my hand through thick
 and thin....

 You were a part of me- I was
 a part of you.....
 Life could send anything my way
 and I always felt safe and loved
 knowing I had you to take my hand
 and lovingly walk me through.

 I did not realize the importance
 of a mother in my life ---until
 I awoke to the first empty day
 without you.

8:37am Oct 14, 2015

 My Mama was killed as she stood beside a highway
 talking to her son...By a semi-truck driver who
 had fallen asleep at the wheel, on Oct 14, 1987.

 If you have a mother- don't take her for granted.
 Let her know how much you love her....
 One never knows what hour-what day- another
 mother  will earn her wings---and fly away. jt
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