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A River Runs Through It Part 1.0
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My life in West Virginia as a boy was near idyllic.

We lived on a small farm back then, Mother, myself and Minnie, my dearest sister. As with all children then - or so it seemed to me - we were drifting in the flow of a serene and innocent life; long summer days playing annie over, tiddlywinks, baseball with the local boys—and girls. Collecting fire ants, and recluses in moma's old preserve jars; playing with Hannity's yellow lab, across endless fields of maize, rapeseed and corn. And, in this vast, colorific and fruitful landscape, we found our greatest pleasure in the thrill of exploration.

We explored the fields, meadows and brooks to a distance that would have fainted our parents; yet, no matter how far or wide we dared to explore, the local children would always convene at the Roanoke River. The Roanoke runs from the Appalachian mountains, right through to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and beyond; it travels first east through the city of Roanoke, where in turn it courses through our small town, in Franklin. And, in addition to being our crossroads and meeting place, it was the haunt of our summer bathing and fishing. She was the bearer of the occasional treasures, such as: slats and frames of broken boats, fishing poles, wheels, and all kinds of bottles and trinkets we used for our games, in a variety of ingenious ways that only the imagination of a child could make use.

It was an ordinary day—moma had made her strawberry confitures, we had collected eggs from our small range; and we had only returned from our church devotion. And, I remember very clearly that, on this night, a storm was raging something fearful outside. When Minnie all of a sudden, set to weeping by the window.
   “Oh, Roy, I've never seen anything so frightful!—do you think an angel could survive this?”

Seeing the tears in her eyes, and how she clutched herself, was powerfully moving, and I told her, I doubted very much there was anything on earth that affected angels. And I best recited, “Aren't angels, spirits, and to only those who will inherit salvation?” I remembered this, from service, and my own study of the bible. But I really didn't care beans for it.

   “Roy,” she said, hiccuping, “What if I told you, there's an angel in our milking shed? Will you tell mama?”
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Re: A River Runs Through It Part 1.0
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Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.    jt