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Sea of Love- Love Poem
« on: October 13, 2018, 12:22:31 AM »
The Sea of Love

One day my truest love
 shall find me waiting here

 and beneath the twinkling
 stars kiss away my tears.

 He will wrap his arms
 around me draw me close
 to his heart and swear
 on the stars above . . .

 that for all eternity he shall
 give me all his love.

 We shall walk along the
 sandy beach, play playfully
 at the edge of the salty sea

 Then soak ourselves in each
 others love . . .

 As twinkling stars watch
 from up above

 the seas . . .
 moved by our love.

 I love you and I wait for
 only you . . . to swim the
 seas with me.

 -Jan Tetstone
 By Heartsong