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A Little Girl's Dream -poem
« on: October 03, 2018, 08:44:59 AM »
A Little Girl's Dream

Why do I write poetry?

As a child, my voice
was not complete
getting words out
was hard for me.

But being a child
my imperfection
I did not see...

Though the laughter
I received, every time
I tried to convey
my thoughts to others
wasn't funny to me.
I pretended, in my
childish mind, they
were hearing my voice

I was a little girl
who ran, played, and
saw my world as the
perfect place for me
to be and create my

My stuttering voice
was a part of who I
was as a child.
Until, I realized,
no one else's voice
made other's laugh
like mine.

I was a little girl,
but I knew, if I tried
hard enough my words
would find away to be

As a little girl, Words
without voice Filled me,
until I asked God for help
and he gave me a voice
that others no longer
found funny.

Poetry gives my words wings
and fulfill a little girl's

            -Jan Tetstone

6:06 am October 2, 2018

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