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We The People - Poem
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:37:31 PM »
What does being an American
mean me ?
It means I'm a defender of

That with liberty comes duty. . .

What does ' Defender of Liberty'
Well, you see, God gives everyone
Natural rights to be born and
live free.

The Declaration of Independence
was signed and the American Revolution
was fought by the first Americans
all in the name of Liberty.

Freedom is a God given right but many
men would stripe freedom from you
and me.

The United States Constitution spells
out what government can and cannot do
'WE The PEOPLE' are Americans devoted
to guarding and keeping safe, our natural
God given right to live and die free.

Patriotic Americans are called, 'Defenders
of Liberty.'

Some wear uniforms, some do not
but all love God and Liberty with all their
American heart.
                           -Jan Tetstone

 4:26pm September 7, 2018
  By Heartsong
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