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Chosen Memories -poem
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 Chosen Memories
A memory can be the kind that brings
A smile to the face or a tear to the eye. . .
Makes one laugh or makes one cry.

Memories are made and stored on ones
heart, and in ones mind, for remembering
the most important things, in life's winter

Memories are touches from yesterdays  come
and gone,  that live inside one when life finds
them all alone.

Memories of what was, and is no more,
Memories of how life use to be
when one was young, and life was sweet.

Memories  that have the power to comfort or
re-break a heart that makes one realize as their
life draws to a close ....
That the only memories keeping them company
Are the memories that they chose.

                      -Jan Tetstone

10:30am  September 26, 2018

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Re: Chosen Memories -poem
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Nice, Jan.


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Re: Chosen Memories -poem
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Thank you, Mark T