Author Topic: Writing a non fiction book just because you are totally furious about some issue  (Read 839 times)

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A friend of mine committed suicide a few weeks ago.  Thinking about how he was ridiculed and hassled and isolated by the people he worked with (and I would not be surprised if also by others, he did not seem to have a lot of friends), just makes me so angry.  I am so furious. 

I'd like to write about this issue.  How to deal with suicidal people, myths of suicide, why people commit suicide, do they want to be stopped from doing so, or specifically about this family, what they went through, etc.

Has anyone ever written something really good when they're mad as hell?

Because I am so angry I am just shaking.  I'm furious.

I also feel very guilty because I .... ah... I didn't realize he was really hung up on me.  Until it was too late.  I should have.  He was my shadow for about a year and a half.   

No, I am not claiming rejection is always the cause of suicide.  In fact, 90+ % of suicides are due to inadequately treated depression, real depression, which often actually has little to do with what events befell a person.  The problem is that depression makes sad events of life seem overwhelming.  Depression colors a person's thinking and makes everything seem 'through a glass darkly'.
However, this guy went through some truly horrible things.  His eldest brother was killed in an accident some years previously, and then both his parents were killed in a house fire.  Worst of all, he was in the house, and got out, but his parents died.  So he probably had some serious effects from that experience.


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Pain has a way of showing in what one writes. Emotions have a way of forming words that any compassionate person can comprehend and understand. I'm sorry about your friend.  I'm sure whatever you write will have the potential to help others understand better their loss and their 'fury' over the loss of a loved one to suicide.   Good luck with your writing.      Jan

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It's true that much writing is powered by emotion, love, hate, guilt, fear, anger, joy etc