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Hello there!
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:34:33 AM »
Hello everyone.
My name is Gill and I've been writing stories since I was eight years old. I remember my parents taking me to the cinema to see the movie Grease and I loved it so much I sat in my room and wrote the whole story down. Writing scene after scene was like reliving the movie and so I fell in love with writing stories.
I've dreamed of being a published author nearly all my life but it seemed such an unrealistic occupation so I became a Graphic Artist until becoming a Mum. Following the birth of my kids, I've done various part time work but STILL held onto the dream of being a successful published author one day.
Now, I've written three middle grade fiction stories (two at their third draft while the other I'm toying with the idea of releasing on kindle), I have just completed a story for 5-8 year old's which includes my own drawings and I have so many notebooks full of other ideas!
I think my problem is confidence. It's always a case of shall I or shan't I? I think I need a fairy godmother to hold my hand and guide me through the process...which will never happen!
After biting the bullet and submitting to a few agents then receiving nothing but rejections, I thought I might try publishing to the kindle and see how that goes. Does anyone have any experience with publishing to the kindle? I'm afraid it all seems a bit of a mind field to me!
Kind regards.