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I don't know where it came from?
I really don't know!

Bitten,it bit me,I didn't do anything.
Wow! What a snake it is?
Oh! What a serpent it is?
I didn't feel anything, when I was bitten.

The snake laughed at me,
This serpent mocked me.
Because I ran away
Ran away after I got bitten.

Venom has started spreading
It has started functioning
It has started melting tissues.
"Now it hurts,it hurts,
I am afraid ,it hurts ".

I am feeling dizzy, I can't see
" why I can't see anything?!
I was not blind"
Hands and fingers are shaking, thirsty.
I need water, I can't run anymore,
I can't live anymore.
Happy I am now
Confident I am now.