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you came to me slack-jawed and glassy-eyed,
holding only an apple in hand
with no gifts to speak of,
to ask for absolution in a melting world.
i saw stars spark and die
in the grey of your eyes;
my leaden heart cracked in two as i agreed.

i cast myself into your sorrows,
pulling at the loose threads on your shirt
and untying your shoes.
the blood in your kiss did not alarm me
i welcomed it as a beggar welcomes a saint:
wholehearted and open armed,
slamming the door shut on any misgivings.

the calm waters of your regrets
wet the rag for my fever,
broke the chills of my indiscretions,
and opened my veins to the night waters.
we leant against one another beneath the weeping willow tree by the creek,
unerring in fidelity and pity alike.
the melancholy tides shifted to touch the moon,
and the chasm between us
stretched father than the distance of one star to another.