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need some help building a web page


I've been writing for many years and, after an attempt to find a publisher, turned to self publishing. While I've had a little success, I've concluded that some self-promotion is in order. Before I spend any money on a website, I decided to experiment with a free one. I'd appreciate any and all comments on how I can polish the page before taking additional steps. All comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I am a retired web designer with many years experience. However, I am a newbie author seeking a critique partner. Maybe we can make a match of needs and talents here? I'm happy to design a site for you which you can simply post to and maintain in exchange for 100k 3-volume non-fiction series of what I call a 'train & plane" book. Something you pick up at Amazon to read on the daily commute or at the airport to read on the flight. Nothing academic or technical, rather interesting, intriguing and entertaining.

Let me know if you're still interested. Thank you.

I have several theme specific blogs, that - with the help of an easy to understand  dashboard - makes it easy to easily manage post new blog posts,
and place content in the side bars, add a banner etc. etc.

Also on each blog you can also create up to 10 pages, things
like an about page, etc. etc. 


Thanks for your reply. You might have noticed that my post is now almost two years old. I'm a little surprised you replied now.

I have actually created a website and have had some feedback from it. Please take a look and tell me what you think.



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