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Trek along,on a cosmic road,
Where shooting stars collide.
With bouncy feet on a dancey beat,
To the dubstep on your mind.

Be aware,those evils are,
The devils you're trying to hide.
But salty eyes, they know that life,
Is a poem that hardly rhymes.

Sing your song and jam along,
Keep your vocal cords alive.
Just do as much to keep in touch,
With the symphony on your mind.

And by the way,it's not your say,
How day and night unwind.
So my dear,let go of fear,
And stay as cool as ice.

Let 'em ring,your cardiac strings,
And tune them all the time.
Love is quite a powerful light,
That burns your retinas blind.

You're always not reserved a spot,
On life's carnival ride.
Do not heed the negative feeds,
Just positive deeds suffice.

Imagine more,explore black holes,
Your mind is so sublime.
Your brain explodes,glows and grows,
Your neurons exercise.

We all narrate,the roles we play,
In a dramatic life design.
So don't delay,the stage awaits,
Go say your dialogues right

Be the truth and just be you,
In a world that's full of lies.
Always know that a caterpillar goes,
And turns to a butterfly.