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Transitional phrases and sentences
« on: November 14, 2018, 03:08:49 PM »

The state of mind of the writer is not the state of mind of his reader. The writer knows his ideas, and has spent much time with them.  The reader meets these ideas for the first time, and must gather them in at a glance.  The relation between two ideas may be clear to the writer, and not at all clear to the reader.

In passing from one thought to another, make the connection clear.  If necessary, insert a word, a phase, or even a sentence, to carry the reader safely across.

The simplest means of securing smooth transitions is by a  liberal use of connectives:

1. however
2. on the other hand
3. equally important
4. another interesting problem is
5. for this reason
6. the remedy for this condition
7. so much for
8. it remains to mention
9. of course I admit
10. finally

Transitional phrases and sentences are useful not only in securing coherence within the paragraph but also in joining one paragraph to another.

Good Luck with your writing.      jt
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