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Spam Spam Spam Spam
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:22:14 AM »

I confess that I am
a lover of spam.
Oh the things you can buy
that shops donít supply.
The chances it offers
to fill up your coffers.
The dodgy and sleazy
is now simple and easy
and getting rich quick
is just one little click.

No need to meet losers
in dubious boozers,
no counting out notes
for empty eyed scrotes,
no dealings with geezers
in factory freezers.

And no more tailing Russian cars
to old abandoned abattoirs
or grisly and unwholesome spells
in fetid Turkish prison cells.

And gone are the tedious years
when you went all the way to Algiers
just for a personal word
with Omar the treacherous Kurd
or trekked to the slums of Tashkent
to buy something phony or bent. 

So those sinister triads in Asia?
and the criminal gangs in Croatia?
Well I really donít need Ďem no more
Ďcos Iím getting it straight to my door.

How happy I am
to be swimming in spam.

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