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Waddling Home
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:44:47 AM »

Homewards they go
with faces aglow,
a picture of happiness
aged, content -
him in a billowing holiday shirt
her in a frock like a flowery tent,
well fed and watered, revelries done,
waddling home in the evening sun.

No strangers I think
to good food and drink.
Relaxed and unhurried,
fat and unworried,
they do love their grub
and a boisterous pub
especially today
when its Bank Holiday.

Officialdom cautions the old and the fat
to eat less of this, cut down on that
and points out the issues you ought to address
so you won’t be drain on the NHS.

But they don’t think twice
about meddling advice
from health service bosses
and middle class tossers,
taking no measures
to cut down on Life’s pleasures,
they merrily choose
each other and booze
and care only whether
they’re happy together.
They demonstrate how
you should live for the now
-a worthy philosophy surely
until one of them dies prematurely.

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