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Untitled 2
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:01:25 AM »
It was her favorite time of day.

The sun danced across her fingertips
The evening swallowed her, the curtain shadows kissed her lips
Brushing against the sea of curls, of waves
My touch lingered, my eyes- they misbehaved.
Following the bump on her nose- insecure, she was never fond of it
She did not know -that in my eyes, it was the perfect fit
Touching her sharp edges- driving the knives up my skin
With who and where have you been?
No new messages- empty iphone
Delicately, hands grazed her harsh cheekbone

Dove into her sweet, soft lips
Jumped off the building into her apocalypse
Embracing her, whispering gently
Praying that we could always love- never be friendly

Her breathing deeper, heartbeat grew loud
Gravity, kissing her neck, making no sound
Her sweet scent, better than any perfume
Filling my mind, filling the bedroom

The sheets stung her warm skin

Grabbing my hand, tender nails cutting the sea
Softly, she whispers- do you love me?
Loving every curve on her hips
Tickling the inner thigh- with my lips

Looking, tracing the paths on her body I travelled
Scared of recognizing the beast she unravelled
Tears are beautiful, my pain divine
How sad. A touch ironic, that you cannot be mine

I sleep.