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Somewhere But Here
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:56:48 AM »
In Paris, I like the bread, Dior, and fine wine
But take me to the sands, to slow down our precious time
Perhaps Dubai, Jordan, or Oman
To watch my children grow old- until the break of dawn

At day- take me to Spain
Let them indulge and be my lovers, until I知 sane
When I知 in Barcelona, take me to Greece
Where I read Sappho and pretend I致e reached my inner peace

When I知 in Crete, take me to Mexico
To dance and cry until you spot a gray hair grow
When I知 in Tijuana, take me to Russia
I heard they have great vodka, women, and discussions

When I知 in Moscow, take me to California
Where tattoos and sunsets feel slightly normal
When I知 in Sacramento, take me to France
To fall in love with strangers, by pure chance

When I知 in Paris,
Perhaps I値l stay till half past nine,
I like the bread, Dior, and fine wine
Which I will then forget,
So I could live- just one more time