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Re: Spam
« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2017, 02:03:43 PM »
It's heartbreaking that we have to bail like this.

I think we all knew that one day the Circle might 'go dark'.  That the owners, either the new anonymous ones or the previous ones, might one day decide they weren't making enough money from the site and pull the plug.  The drop in active membership over the last few years made this seem even more inevitable.  We've had a free ride for years and come to accept it as a given.

But the total balls the current owners have made of it means we all have to vote with our feet.  To think about the unthinkable and take steps ourselves instead of just trusting someone else to do it for us.

At least now we do have an option, and a very familiar feeling one it is ;-)

So dig in and 'mine' old posts you want to save onto your own hard drive.  I've tended to keep back-ups of my own stuff anyway, except the more quickfire stuff.

But I know that not everyone as as 'belt and braces' as me.   I know that some of the poets in particular tend to work in the 'posting window' and then maybe make a copy after they've finished.  Not a shrewd move, Folks.

Anything composed of electrons held together by a bizarre algorithm has always seemed frighteningly vulnerable to me.  Maybe because I cut my computing teeth on old secondhand machines which were end-of life.  I have a collection of eight semi-dead old drives which I have kept with a view to possibly saving stuff one day.

I realise the stuff on my current computer is also potentially vulnerable, but I have offline backups as well.  And thumb drives with individual novels, etc. 

It's really sad to think that some of our more sporadic visitors may wander back one day and find either a black hole in cyber-space or a site where all the first pages on ever board are full of spam and porn.

If you have personal contact details for anyone who has been quiet for the last few months or more this would be a good time to send them a PM - while you can - or a brief email.  If they still have notifications turned on their email will tell them there's a PM.  Then at least you'll know you tried.


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