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My first script please be critical
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:55:33 AM »
The scene opens up on Geetika’s first day of school. Geetika walks among the swarms of people, looking down at a piece of paper every few seconds. She begins weaving herself in and out of the crowd, waving to people she recognizes.
Geetika- Hi, Emily, Felicity.
Emily- Hey! We have PE together, right?
Geetika- Yeah! I’ll see you there. Hi, Jamie!
Jaimie- Hi. Nice haircut.
Geetika- I didn’t get a haircut.
But Jaimie is already gone. Unfazed, Geetika continues walking, looking for someone. When she finds her, she runs up and taps her on the shoulder. The other girl screams.
Geetika- CHLOE!
They hug, and begin talking and walking aimlessly.
Chloe- So how was your summer?
Geetika- It was crazy. I had to go to India and convince all my cousins to become feminists… Chloe deeply inhales a guy’s scent Did you just sniff that guy?
Chloe- Look, he smelt great. I’m really tired right now. Let’s just get past this, okay?
Geetika- Also, I took my math placement test and I’m in honors now.
Chloe- That’s great!
Geetika- But really, did you expect anything else? I never fail at anything.
Chloe- I saw you choke on water once.
Geetika- That’s irrelevant. Anyways, how was your summer?
Chloe- I… jokes aside, now. I saw Jessica’s mom.
Geetika- Give her my best.
Ria- I don’t think she’ll want to hear from you.
Geetika- Good point.
Cut to Chloe’s interview.
Chloe- Jessica was one of Geetika and I’s best friends. She killed herself at the end of last year, and… I’m sorry. This is just too hard to talk about.
Flashback to a group therapy session with Jessica’s mother and a few other students from the school.
Jessica’s mother- I just don’t understand why she didn’t tell me that she was feeling depressed.
Geetika- She did.
Jessica’s mother- What?
Geetika- She told you when she started hiding in her room for long periods of time. She told you when “the cat” began scratching her more than usual. She told you when she wasn’t that hungry anymore and began pinning the clothes you bought her. The thing about depression is that it’s quiet. And you weren’t really listening. As she gestures empathetically, her bracelet snaps off and breaks.
Chloe- Geetika! You’re bracelet… It was so beautiful.
Geetika- It’s okay. Chloe bends down to pick up the beads. Leave it. I knew it would happen.
Jessica’s mother- Then why didn’t you do something about it?
Geetika looks up as Jessica’s mom, as she realizes that she isn’t only talking about the bracelet. The flashback ends, and the bell rings, sending them off to first period. Geetika is walking to the assigned room, and we hear a voice over.
Geetika(voiceover)- My name is Geetika Arora, and I am now an eighth grader at Washington Upper School Cut to the room she is being interviewed in. You know, at first I thought that nobody would want to watch a TV show about a bunch of middle schoolers. Things changed when Jess… you know. Middle grade kids are far too under represented in the media, and when they are, it’s by beautiful actresses with high cheekbones and zero problems. This has to stop. After Jessica’s funeral, I called a documentary company and asked them if they would be interested in filming a middle school. And they were! She pauses, then says: Actually, that’s a lie. I had my friend call them.
 Cut to the front of an english classroom, where a short, young teacher, Mrs. Mcgrath, is handing out syllabuses. Geetika sits at the seat closest to the front. After a while, two bays sit on either side of her. She sighs.
Rahul- Handing a piece of paper to Shriyan. Hey dude, can you test me on this?
Shriyan- What is it? It’s just a list of teachers and their room numbers.
Rahul- It’s an ASB thing. I’d tell you, but there are too many people here who might… listen.
Geetika- Was secretly listening to their conversation all along. Mr. Schaffer tests ASB on all the teachers and their room numbers. He told me last year.
Rahul- He did?
Geetika- ASB’s job is plan socials and make posters. You’re not the Washington Upper School secret service.
After she says this, another girl walks in, just as the bell rings. It’s another one of Geetika’s best friends, Anne Nambiar.
Geetika- Anne! I’m so sorry, they took the chairs before you came…
Anne- It’s okay. I’ll just sit there.
She goes to another empty chair and sits down. The teacher, following, begins the class enthusiastically.
Mrs. Mcgrath- Okay, class! Um, I noticed that most of you still have your backpacks on the ground, so if you could just hang them up please….thank you… My name is Mrs. Mcgrath, and I’m excited to be teaching English here. So this first day will just be kind of easy, I’ll be passing around these name tags, and I want you to write your name and decorate it. Try to make it a reflection of you, like have stuff that you like around it. She passes out the papers. While you’re doing this, I want you to talk to your triad, get to know each other. Okay, go!
Everyone begins talking amongst themselves, but Geetika’s triad stays silent, until-
Shriyan- So, Geetika.
Geetika- Yes.
Shriyan- Why are there cameras following you?
Geetika- CIA investigation.
Shriyan- Why is the CIA investigating you?
Geetika- Drugs.
Rahul- What about drugs?
Geetika- I take them.
They look at each other, slightly shocked, until they realize she’s joking.
Rahul- Seriously, tell us the truth.
Geetika- The truth pause is… she stops talking, and goes back to her nametag. After a few seconds, she says, Just act like they aren’t there.
They finally stop fixating on the cameras.
Rahul- Shriyan, that’s awful. What are you trying to draw, a snake?
Shriyan- That’s an “s”, idiot.
Rahul- You’re calling me an idiot? You’re to one who can’t draw an “s”.
Shriyan- It’s hard, okay, there are all these squiggles…
Rahul- Why would you start with a marker?
Shriyan- I didn’t expect it to be so hard!
Rahul- That’s what she said.
Geetika- Not to you.
Shriyan- Aw, man, she wrecked you!
Geetika smiles at the camera and goes back to her nametag. A few moments later, we see the personal interview part with Shriyan and Rahul. First is Shriyan.
Shriyan- Yeah, my parents got that letter. The one about the cameras, right? I guess it’s kind of cool. Hey, are we going to be on tv? That’s really cool.
Now, Rahul.
Rahul- I don’t really care, either way. I just want to pass this year, so I can stay on the basketball team. I had to quit last year because of my grades. Dude, it was awful. I had to go to the library and learn stuff. I didn’t even know the school had a library!
Now, Geetika.
Geetika- Well, Rahul’s really annoying, and Shriyan brings him candy and encourages him, so yeah. It’s going to be a long period.
Cut back to the classroom.
Shriyan- Aw, I forgot a pencil. Geetika can I borrow a pencil?
Geetika- No.
Shriyan- Why?
Geetika- You’re going to lose it.
Shriyan- That’s n-
Rahul- Shriyan! Did you see who’s in our class?
Shriyan- Who?
Rahul points to the back. Shriyan and Geetika follow his pencil.
Shriyan- Arohi?
Geetika- What’s wrong with Arohi?
Shriyan- We dated for a while.
Rahul- They broke up.
Cut to Shriyan’s interview.
Shriyan- Look, it was totally mutual. We dated, It didn’t work out, so we split up. Well, she said she wanted to split up. And so did I. She just, you know, helped me realize that we should break up.
Cut to Arohi’s interview.
Arohi- It was not mutual. He was short. And Annoying. I couldn’t stand him. I just dated him to get in with Sachit. Who’s Sachit? You’ll find out, I guess, if you’re here long enough.
Cut back to the triad where Geetika is sitting.
Rahul- I heard she’s dating Nikhil now.
Geetika- I thought Nikhil was dating Lety.
Shriyan- Wait, what?
Geetika- Yeah.
Shriyan looks at Rahul mischievously.
Rahul- Don’t say a word.
Geetika- I know about you and Lety.
Rahul- Aw, c’mon.
They sit in silence for a while.
Rahul- Dude, I want to be friends with Sachit again.
Shriyan- Do you have any classes with him?
Rahul- Well, Just PE, but, you know.
Geetika- Wait, I thought you and Sachit were friends.
Rahul- We were.
Geetika- Well, what happened?
Rahul- He stole the ball from me.
Geetika- What?
Shriyan- So Rahul had the ball.
Geetika- Yeah.
Shriyan- And along comes Sachit.
Rahul- And he used some dirty tricks.
Geetika- Dirty tricks.
Rahul- Took the ball right out of my hand. He turns to her. Do you see what we’re saying?
Geetika- Maybe…
Rahul- He tripped from the side, and everyone was watching. It was embarrassing. You don’t do that in basketball.
Shriyan- Look, it’s not that hard to get. Rahul had the ball, Sachit took it from him. Get it?
Geetika- Wait, so is the ball a metaphor for Lety?
Shriyan- What?
Rahul- What? No!
Geetika- So you broke up with your friend because of basketball?
Rahul- Yes!
Geetika- Did he cheat?
Rahul- On me?
Geetika- At the game, dumbass.
Rahul- It’s not cheating, but that sort of stuff is frowned upon in basketball.
Geetika- He didn’t even cheat?
Rahul- On a technical level, no. But her hurt me right here. He pounds at his heart emphatically.
Geetika looks into the camera, and just then, Shriyan takes her pencil. She looks back and it’s gone.
Geetika- Can you give me my pencil back?
Shriyan- Wait.
Geetika- Sriyan, my pencil-
Shriyan- Say please.
Geetika- Give me my she reaches over pencil back.
They fight over the pencil for a little while.
Geetika- Shriyan!
Shriyan- Say Please.
Geetika- raising her hand. Mrs. Mcgrath?
Shriyan- Oh, shit. Here. Here. He takes a starburst and offers it to her, along with her pencil.
Geetika- Thank you. She smiles at the camera and puts the starburst in her mouth.
Shriyan- Just, … okay?
Geetika- Okay.
Mrs. Mcgrath- Okay, While we’re working, I want us to share with each other what we did over summer break. I’ll go first, I’m Mrs. Mcgrath, and this summer, I moved to Irving.
Arohi- We’re did you live before?
Mrs. Mcgrath- I taught in LA.
Arohi- Seriously? That’s so cool!
Geetika- Is she a suck-up?
Shriyan- Yup.
Rahul- Hey Geetika. Geetika. Geetika, Geetika, Geetika.
Geetika- Yeah?
Rahul- Nevermind.
Rahul- Trying to get Arohi’s attention. Nikhil!
Shriyan- N… i… k… h… i… l
Geetika- looks at the camera, then looks back at them. what are you doing?
Rahul- Rahul explains while Shriyan flashes a piece of paper with “Nikhil” written on it at Arohi. It’s because she was dating Shriyan, right? And now she’d on Nikhil, like like some kind of… girl who’s on Nikhil.
Shriyan- Geetika. Geetika. Geetika.
Geetika- What?
Shriyan- I will give you five dollars if you go over to Arohi and whisper Nikhil.
Rahul- Yeah!
Geetika- No.
Shriyan- Come on.
Geetika- I’m not going to do that to her.
Rahul- You’re not doing anything to her, just, you know, whisper it.
Shriyan- Just do it! And then you can get your book.
Geetika- What book.
Shriyan- Then you can get A book.
Geetika- There are no books here.
Shriyan- Then just come back.
Geetika- I’m not going to…
Shriyan- ten dollars.
Geetika- Why, even…
Shriyan- ten dollars and a snickers.
Geetika- Are you serious?
Shriyan- Yes.
Geetika goes up to Arohi and whispers something to her.
Geetika-to Arohi I like you shirt.
Arohi- Thanks, I…
Geetika- Bye.
She walks away, back to her table.
Shriyan- Good job.
Geetika- My money?
Shriyan- I don’t have it…
Geetika- I will tell Mrs. Mcgrath right now.
Shriyan- What?
Geetika- You’ve been harassing Arohi this whole period.
Shriyan- Well, you have no proof.
Geetika unfolds the piece of paper with “Nikhil” written on it
Shriyan- I’ll bring ten dollars tomorrow.
Geetika- Just… give me four snickers and we’ll be even.
Cut to Geetika’s interview.
Geetika- Well, it seems that the first day has not been a total bust. She takes a bite out of a snickers bar.
Cut back to the classroom.
Mrs. Mcgrath- Okay, that is all the time we have for today. Bring your name tags back tomorrow. The bell ring, signalling that it is time for them to leave. You may go. Good job on your first day!
Geetika waits for Anne to catch up, and they walk while talking.
Anne- Hey.
Geetika- Hey. What do you have next?
Anne- Choir. You?
Geetika- Publications.
Cut to Geetika’s interview.
Geetika- Publications is the yearbook and newspaper part of the school. I mainly tried out because I liked the color of their sweatshirts.
Cut back to Anne and Geetika walking.
Geetika- So did you… what is that?
Anne- What?
Geetika- Look, look, look, look.
She points to a girl with bright pink hair.
Anne- Oh, the sevvies this year are crazy.
Geetika- I forgot about that word.
Anne- Really? I was looking forward to using it all summer.
Pink haired sevvie- passing Geetika and Anne, talking to her friend. I’m so done with dating. This year, it’s just us girls.
Her friend- Yeah, bae!
They whoop and  pass Geetika and Anne. Geetika stares after them for a while, then looks at the camera and says:
Geetika- I cringed on a cellular level.
Anne- Who are you talking- oh, is this the camera thing that you texted me about? Will this be on TV? Hi, mom!
Geetika- Okay Anne, just act like… you need to pretend that the cameras aren’t there. Well, here’s room twenty-five. And I’m off to create the yearbook. I’m ready to create a visual memory for all these children to look at in twenty years and remember their middle school years by. You… have fun learning your Do Re Mis.
Anne- That’s not all-
Geetika- Bye Anne!