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Hello! MyWritersCircle
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:44:18 PM »
Inspiring author.


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Re: Hello! MyWritersCircle
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Welcome, Noroccolo

Greetings to you from the southern tip of Africa.

Welcome to My Writer’s Circle.

Please take a moment to read the guidelines for forum etiquette -
You'll find the rest of forum etiquette and guidelines threads stickied (with the push-pin icons) at the top of each board. Please do take the time to read these. They’ll help you find your way around and get you acquainted with the local customs.

There is usually something going on in the challenges section. Pop by that board, vote on a completed challenge or participate anonymously in a current one. These are a fun way to cut your teeth on exposing your work to others to read.

Please note you are more likely to receive feedback if you have commented on someone’s work. We generally aim for a 3 comments to 1 feedback ratio.

Feel free to pm a moderator if you have any questions. They’re the ones with blue stars over their heads. There's generally someone on line somewhere in the world.

Enjoy your time on the forum and I look forward to finding you on the boards.

Kind regards
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Re: Hello! MyWritersCircle
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Hello and welcome  Noroccolo :)

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Re: Hello! MyWritersCircle
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Welcome aboard.
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