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Many years back I was helping our van driver, a Cockney feller called Steve, deliver some bread and cakes to a market trader at St Austell market.   Steve was one of those fellows who claimed to have done almost everything, and possibly had, because you would rarely catch him out when challenged to prove it.

There was a crepe stall at the market and the chap was working like a demon with a long queue of customers.  Steve, in his own inimitable fashion, called him a Cornish Tosser and suggested he didn't have a clue about how to make crepes.

"I s'pose you can do better then?"


"Then bloody do it." The Cornishman wrapped the crepe he was making and then stood aside.

Steve pushed back the sleeves of his leather jacket with a theatrical flourish - yes, this was no conventional delivery man with a white coat - settled his trilby hat more firmly on his head - and proceeded to knock out a couple of dozen crepes in record time with considerable skill and panache and a running line of patter that drew an impressive crowd of onlookers as well as customers.

Working with a spatula in each hand he was making them two at a time in 'handed pairs'  Left side spread and folded one way, right side the other.  Truly ambidextrous.

It was a real performance, not just catering.

After the first two the Cornish lad shook his head in reluctant admiration, asked Steve if he'd run the stall for a few minutes whilst he had a slash, and left him to it.

When he came back he offered Steve - 'and your sidekick' - a couple of crepes each as a thankyou.

Steve promptly made four slightly more generous ones for us  and then showtime was over.

Back in the van I asked him where he'd learned.

"Dunnit fer a coupla weeks at Blackpool, yonks ago.  Man o' many talents, that's me."

I think the six or so months he drove for our bakery - in between other 'nice little earners' - was probably the longest he ever stayed in one place.

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Re: Steve, the Crepe Master. For your entertainment. From the archives.
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Fascinating :o