Author Topic: Aliens at Ren Fest? Dreams as Inspiration  (Read 911 times)

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Aliens at Ren Fest? Dreams as Inspiration
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:07:48 AM »
Iím finding that I can get inspiration from my dreams if Iím able to remember them.  They donít always have as much detail as the one I had last night (below), but even if theyíre strange, something in them can lead me to an idea.   I wrote this one down exactly as I remembered it, so it wonít always make sense.  There are parts that are vague, as dreams often are, so Iíve put those in brackets to be replaced with something better later.


I was meeting friends at the Renaissance festival.  I couldnít find them and was caught by [some aggressive people] who made me sit down on the ground against the wall of a building with other captives.  They were offering us water, but I angrily refused it. 

A young woman made me follow her and help her carry [stuff].  She asked me where Iíd been going when I was caught and I told her I was looking for my boyfriend, Richard.  She said he was upstairs in the tavern with [someone] and would be down soon, to be patient.   In the meantime, we went to a workshop with a lot of tools and she started directing me to hand them to her as she worked on something.  She told me I should make sure to keep Richardís attention, that it was important for my safety that I stay with him.  I was confused why she would say that; Richard and I had been dating for several months.  Why would I need to ďkeep his attentionĒ?

I saw Richard coming down the stairs with a group of people. They were all very excited about something one of them was carrying in his hands.  Richard was at the top of the stairs when he looked down and saw me.  He caught my eye and smiled, but looked back to the man holding something cupped in his hands. Richard looked different somehow.  The same, but there was a different energy about him, something in his eyes, in the way he carried himself.  The others crowded around the man as he went up to a wall and put his cupped hands up, placing some sort of small creature, squirming as it stuck to the wall as a frog will stick to a tree.  Everyone in the group was excited as they watched it. 

Then I was walking through one of the festival taverns. There were lots of people milling about, eating and drinking, and as I walked past one of the servers she held up a glass of water for me to drink.  I drank it, finally willing and grateful for the refreshment, but as I finished the last bit I noticed there was some sort of sediment or something on my tongue and picked it out with my fingers to get rid of it.  I looked over to the server and she was watching me intently as I picked it out of my mouth to throw away.  Why was she watching me that way?

And then I woke up.


It seems obvious to me that thereís some sort of group taking over, perhaps alien hosts inhabiting mankind through the water supply?  Leads to all sorts of questions!  Why are aliens invading Earth?  Why through the water supply?  What are they?  What do they need?  Do they want to kill off mankind or just use our bodies?  Has Richard already been inhabited?  Yes, this is full of tropes and sounds a lot like one of my favorite sci-fi shows, Stargate.  But, if it gets my creative juices flowing and inspires me to write, then thatís what matters.  If a story comes from this dream, the final product will most likely end up completely different, but thatís how inspiration usually works.