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How Do You Create Attention for Your Publications?


Some time ago I wrote a short nonfiction e-Report.
and directly after finishing it I did put it on my blog.

It didn't generate a lot of attention,

So now - to create anticipation - I wrote about this e-Report, in several blog posts,
and I aksi show you little Samples of it.

That way giving you an opportunity to get a better idea
about what you can expect from it. 

How Do You Create Anticipation and Attention
for Your Publications?

does your blog already have a lot of readers? if it doesn't get at least a few hundred of monthly readers, you're not going to see much by just posting on blogs. you have to be where your readers are! who are the people you'd like to read it?

Thanks for your Comment Teenwriterlock,

The people I like it to read, are Nature loving people that are interested
in (Digital) Photography, People that like learning about things you can do with your Photography,
and/or people who like to make money with their Photography.

In this E-report we also show you our own real-life experience, and
real-life examples of some of our Photography that we turned into
(customizable) Designs Printed - ON - Products that people
can see (and obviously also actually can buy!) in our Online webshop(s)!

Like for example Designs for - ON - Clothing or on (Social Sharable) Post- & Greeting Cards
as you can read in a posts titled:


You can read many more blog posts about things like places we visit for our Photography
etc. etc. on our Digital Camera-Ideas Blog.

For what our Writing Blog is concerned...,

As you can read in a recent blog post, I recently decided
to write blog posts with a more tight Focus,
to make it more into a blog you want to read.

I also created a TOP 10 Most Popular Posts-list in the side bar,
so you can easily discover the  blog posts you are most
likely to like to read.

I also like to make it a little more 'Inter Active' with
asking readers about their thoughts, for example

In a recent blog post I wrote about Humor Texts on
T-shirts and other products, asking the reader
about what's the most Funny Humor Text they
ever saw on a T-shirt or other products.

Besides aiming to improve the quality of my blog to get
more readers, I also as you suggested, look for places where
the potential readers are,

For it we also created amung others a Pinterest Pin from the Cover-image
of our Publication to show our Pinterest Followers, and we also occasionally
show it to our Twitter Followers.


I also put the blog posts about my publications in some of our
Most Popular Posts as links, when they are related to any of my
Publications, and in other frequently viewed posts when related
to any of my Publications.


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