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Xaghra's Revenge is sweet
« on: July 25, 2017, 04:19:50 AM »
After years of research, which as you'd know is tough going on a sun-drenched Mediterranean island ;) my historical fantasy, XAGHRA'S REVENGE is unleashed on the world. Ebook on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at first then paperback to follow.
The historical basis
•   One of the world’s most ancient buildings is on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. Ggantija at Xaghra, c. 3600-2500 BC predates Stonehenge and the pyramids.
•   In 1551 the Turkish buccaneer and Barbary corsair, Rais Dragut, sailed an Ottoman pirate fleet to Gozo and abducted the entire population of 5000, except a few elderly people, and sailed them to North Africa.
•   The abducted were kept on the ships while Dragut won a siege against the Knights of St John at Tripoli. The surviving abducted were taken and sold into slavery at Constantinople, Turkey, others at Tripoli and Tarhuna, Libya.
•   Some of the abducted had relatives on Malta sufficiently rich to buy them back, but most lost contact with their families.
•   In Tarhuna, Libya, are people living now, whose ancestors came from Gozo.

The fiction
•   The spirits of the abducted cry out for REVENGE.

When Reece and Zita become lovers, past and present collide as the spirits of their ancestors force them to relive one of the greatest battles of the 16th century. 
Xaghra’s Revenge follows the fate of a sixteenth century abducted family, and of two contemporary lovers thrown together by the ancients. Reece and Zita are unaware that one descends from the pirates, the other from the abducted family. While ancient Gozo spirits seek revenge, so do the Ottoman Corsairs, who intend to roll back history, and this time win the siege of Malta.
The history is real. The places are authentic. The tension and excitement are palpable.
"A gripping tale, full of energy and mystery, keeping you wanting for more with every line you read." John Bonello, First-Prize Winner of the Malta National Book Award

“I liked it. There’s a foreground of interesting characters combined with a skilfully fed-in hint of weirdness.” Jaine Fenn – Hidden Empire series.

Kindle is at

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Re: Xaghra's Revenge is sweet
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Posted a five star review this morning. Good luck.