Author Topic: These Towns are Built on Water  (Read 3362 times)

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Re: These Towns are Built on Water
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These Towns are Built on Water

All of these towns are built on water–
these towns where breakfast is served
at the uptown bar and grill on main street
by a waitress named Jenn, or Crystal,
while her  kids stay over at Gramma’s. 

Trucks parked at the curb.  Guys out of work
talk smart through the morning– bass fishing,
recipes for sugar tip venison jerky.

Two blocks north sits a brick building
formerly the schoolhouse, now dormant,
but for sparrows, and juvenile break-ins.

Restlessness without a name
paints paths outward from the trailer park
to the west, drifting toward the highway
like smoke rising in a late afternoon sky
from the flue of a fish house stove.

Wonderful, evocative poetry as expected from you, Tom. 3rd verse - just perfect.