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A snippet from my latest novel
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Harold, the Good Soldier - a letter from Harold to his girlfriend taken from one of my father's war letters to his family in Saltburn by the Sea.  Era 1939 First draft.

Pte Dean, H                              HQ Company,
                     4th Bn. The Green Howards,

My dearest El,
Thanks for your lovely letter. Sorry I havenít been able to write properly before this. We have been so busy training, itís hard to keep in touch. Sorry love, I didnít mean you to wait so long.
I miss you very much and I am trying not to think about the distance between us, because I have moved south. As you can see we are now in Moreton-in-Marsh to do further training. Itís in the Cotswolds and all the houses have this lovely sandy coloured stone. We arrived here okay after a long weary ride and got here at three o-clock in the morning. I feel quite settled, but tired, and hope to get to bed early. We only made it as a layer of snow began to fall. Winter is upon us once again.  The countryside is marvellous and despite the weather, we saw wonderful scenery.
Our Ma sent me a pork pie, which I guzzled down and now Iím just about to fry a pound of kidney along with some soup, it should make a delicious supper.
 I have now learned what being a real soldier means. Itís hard work and Iím not sure how rewarding it is just yet. All that slog and lots of marching up and downó Iím falling asleep standing up. My muscles are sore and I have blisters on my toes. They tell you to put white spirit on your feet to harden them up, but Iím not sure itís working.
It wonít be long before I canít tell you where I am or much about what I am doing in the camps. All my letters will not be so interesting as I canít talk about army life , even to you. They wonít even let me put kisses on the bottom in case itís a coded message. Everything is censored, but when I write to you and tell you Iím fine, I mean it, you donít have to worry about me. I am a survivor.
When I go to bed, I think about you and your image helps to keep me going. I have your photo in my pocket and kiss you every night. We must think of each other at the same time. Maybe ten oíclock every evening.

Two Days later Ė Sorry!

Itís a bit of a lost world down here. A small village with an undersized picture house. So I havenít been out lately. We are billeted in a place that was a school many years ago, and have a lovely fire in two rooms. I have bought some cooking utensils, so we cook eggs and bacon for breakfast.
Life here is very different, and we donít get up until seven each day. We are allowed Wednesdays off every week, so I am getting lazy again. I must ask our Ma to send my pullover as itís cold here now.
I look for a letter coming each day and get disappointed when it doesnít happen. I suppose I am bound to get homesick but will manage.
I got some tobacco and now smoke a pipe. It took a while, but now I got the knack, it looks good and suits me!  
Keep smiling my darling Ellie, Remember, part of you goes everywhere with me. I love you with all my heart, and when I come home, we shall celebrate in style.
Yours, with love,
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