Author Topic: Submitting my novel to a publisher today. Kindly review the opening pages (1164)  (Read 1739 times)

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LOL. I have some 'special' friends who have no problem being highly critical of what I write.

And of course the 'trouble' is that they're usually right. 

But I don't think most people are as 'lucky' as me.  LOL.

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I agree with some of the people here. I'm not a big fan of the "Our protagonist" "Our examination", things like that. I also think some descriptions are unnecessary, for instance, "fleshy fingers". I just don't see at all why that's important.

I am interested in where the story goes and the plot seems like it could be good. Best of luck to you!

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Edit: just got a call back from Harper Collins!!! My first submission got rejected by Penguin in October last year.
Regardless of what happens next, I really want to thank you for your inputs last year, which honestly helped polish my novel into something worth considering.


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And if you want to know the real cause of the decline of MWC you have no further to look than on this thread. Writer comes here, asks people to read and critique their work and NEVER once engages with other writers or repays the favor. At least this one was honest enough to admit that they had gotten what they wanted from the forum. Such manners! And then to come back with a brag update. Just the cherry on the top of that sundae.