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Uploading chapters to Creatspace.
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:38:37 AM »
Ok, i know usually when doing chapters you do each chapter on a separate document, however someone who has just published her first novel tells me she does each chapter continuously so itís like Chapter one, then when thatís completed leave a line or two and then write ĎChapter 2í and continue and then she loaded it as one huge file to Creatspace.....

Can anyone else tell me if this is their experience or not....?

Also whilst I havenít quite finished my debut novel yet, i want to upload it to CS....Iím also told to upload it to KDP publishing for the e book only....doesnít CS do both though...? Either that or I thought CS and KDP were from the same company.....🤔

I did decide to ask what peoples favourite were, i prefer a good old book in my hand - i expected people to say definitely an ebook so was surprised by the results - i cant post here for some reason but basically they are saying:

Ebook: 9%

Paperback: 82%

No preference:9%

So do i do both ebook and paperback to suit all needs and upto CS only? And do i do chapters as one big document not separate ones.

As you can no doubt tell i am very new to this lol so any help is very much appreciated!

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