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Creature, Critter, Apple Fritter
« on: April 17, 2017, 01:41:13 AM »
Abbergabber - These fuzzy fiddle faddles never shutup!

Boeboe - May not be the brightest, but just may be the bravest!

Copplecuts - Don't let them cop a feel, they just might cut you!

Danderfloo - These sticky stinky gum drops just might make you sick...

Ebberfats - Chubby blobby tubby toddies slap you silly bitch

Fatterblats - Fatter than an ebberfats, fatterblats will slap you harder!

Gooberbutt - More stinky than a danderfloo, stare too long and shame on you!

Happlelapper - Happlelappers like to lick poop

Inkytinkler - Look out for number 1 of inkytinkler tinkly fun

Joojoobee - small a sweet, but not a treat

Kibberdong - A oddly shaped penis

Lumpkin - A little lumpy pumpkin eater

Mannerpatz - Good ol mannered mannerpatz was well behaved until he spatzed

Numblerbee - Unlike this guy's joojoo cousin, numbler likes to keep things buzzin

Obberclatz - Killer claws and feathered hats, obberclatz is one weird cat

Paddercake - padder padder this this, padder padder suck a bladder

Queebeesheebee - queebeesheebee heebeejeebee, now you do now you don't see me

Rasslefly - There's no hassle like a rasslefly

Sassidunker - Sassidunker will break through your bunker

Tabberlapper - happlelapper may lick poo, but tabberlapper will lick you

Uberoplus - old and tired, grump and ugly, uberoplus's far from bubbly

Vanderwheel - while boeboe is a true dumb dumb, vanderwheel brain's are number 1

Whippersnipper - Young and bold, strong and sturdy, whippersnipper looks real purty

Xantaloptrix - old like an uber, creepy like a luber, xantaloptrix is a pervert
Yoyomama - yoyomama is fat poor and ugly

Zeederbeater - noone knows what is a zeeder, but this creature is it's beater