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Super Power Warriors
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Hello, I'm Brendan Lloyd. I'm currently writing a 300+ chapter Sci-Fi/Fantasy story called Super Power Warriors, which I hope to one day turn into a computer-animated TV series. My writing is WAAAAY too long to post here, so instead I'll just post the first prologue:


Far away in a small, tucked-away part of the universe, known as the Huganja galaxy, completely undiscovered by humans from Earth, a war of extreme magnitude was being waged.

It was the year 2341, on the small sister planets, Asiyah and Yetzirah. The war had started about 968 years earlier, in 1383, and threw five highly advanced races into battle.
The races involved were the Eggyboo Republic, a race with almost infinite wealth and military power,
The Cetin, a race of green skinned aliens who have suffered centuries of religious persecution by humans,
The Skedanians, who are loyal and reliable to their allies,
The Templar, a race of fierce and devoted warriors,
And lastly, the Siron, who are the most technologically advanced of the five races and also skilled magic users.

This war occurred as a result of the persecution suffered by the Cetin. Initially, the Cetin attempted to coexist with Humans, believing that together they could live comfortably. However, the Cetin, who worshipped the ‘Dark Gods’ known as the Lords of Hell and practised a religion similar to Satanism, were persecuted by Humans because of their vastly different beliefs. Humans, believing their religion and beliefs to be ‘right’ and the Cetin’s to be ‘wrong’ attempted to systematically convert the Cetin, eliminating all worship of the ‘Dark Gods’ in the process. Wanting to live without oppression, the Cetin approached the Templar, who were motivated by their plight and agreed to help them in the war. Failing to achieve their goal, the war and the persecution continued succeeding in only further angering the Cetin.

The Republic, the Skedanians and the Siron were all allies, and were in opposition to the Templar and Cetin. The Republic had the largest army by far, with over a million soldiers. Besides their regular soldiers, there were several special taskforces called “Units”. They had Unit Omega, Unit Ultima, Unit Zero, Unit Maverick, Unit Alpha and Unit Beta, each with around twenty members and each Unit had a different uniform. They also had a special “Mission Team” for skilled mercenaries. However, the Cetin possessed incredible vitality and the ability to heal quickly as well as having a lifespan unaffected by old age. Also, their Generals were all experienced warriors and none of them had ever been defeated in combat except by other Generals.
The Templar had the largest force of skilled warriors, believing in their mantra of ‘Quality rather than quantity. The Siron had less experienced warriors than the Templar, however they were still more experienced than the Skedanians’ soldiers and they also had a larger force of them. The Skedanians had soldiers, like the Republic and the Cetin but they were not as well trained and they had far less of them.

The Republic and the Cetin lived on Asiyah while the Siron, Skedanians and Templar lived on Yetzirah.
In the Templar city of Maskas two great heroes were about to be born. Grevenko and Petros were their names. A Cetin prophecy originating from the ancient prophet Solomon foretold their birth and of their deeds, how they would in time become the most dreaded enemies of the Cetin race:

"In the year of 2341, two humans shall be born.
  Their names shall be Grevenko Sereth and Petros Sader.
  The Light One and the Dark One.
  Power beyond the greatest warriors of the Cetin.
  Serving a mission of annihilation.
  The end of the Cetin race shall come to pass"

Now that the time of their birth was near, the Cetin were preparing themselves to seek out the parents of Grevenko and Petros and kill them before they became a threat, for they were not the kind of race that would let prophecies that led to their ruin come to pass.  This story is the tale of the strongest and therefore the leader of the Cetin's Generals, General Vindolar.

Go here to read the entire Birth Saga: That is only the first saga, (the first of eighteen) but should give you some idea of what the story is about. I'll upload more as I finish it, so check back every so often. I look forward to hearing your feedback.
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