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Scene from my book Gone World Enjoy!
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The three of us turned to see a wounded man lying on the ground.  He wore a green plaid jacket and torn khaki pants.  He looked somewhere in his fifties and had graying hair.  A pool of blood formed around his stomach region and grew larger by the second. 

He stretched out a hand.  “Help.” he said.  His voice was weak and barely above a whisper.

April started to run over, but I pulled her back.

“Let me go we have to help him!” she said.

“No.  We don’t know if it's a trap.” I said.

“It’s not!”

“We don’t know that!” I yelled.

Q walked over to the man while we argued and stared at him.  April and I stopped struggling and waited for him to do something.  I didn’t care if Q wanted to help him, but there was no way I would let April go over there. 

“Help him Q!” April said.

A cold gleam formed in Q’s eyes.  “I will.” he said.

He pulled his gun from his pocket and I knew what he was thinking immediately.  I covered April’s eyes as he aimed the gun at the man.  The man began to panic, coughing up blood and pleading for his life.

“Please!  Please!  Don’t kill me!  My wound isn’t mort-”


The man was silenced by a single bullet.  Q lowered the gun and holstered it like he’d done nothing more than take a practice shot.  April threw her hand off my face and yelped when she saw the deceased body.  She ran over and knelt next to the man,  tears running down her cheek as she checked for a pulse. 

April glared at Q.  “Why’d you kill him?  We could have helped him!” she yelled.   

Q knelt down next to her and began looking through the man’s pockets. 

“I did help him.  He was suffering.” he said.  He sounded heartless.

“Don’t you have medical supplies in your bag?  How could you just kill him like that?” April asked.

Q pulled out the man’s wallet and a set of keys, then tossed them to the side.  He disregarded April and began searching the opposite pocket.  April punched him in the arm and Q froze.  He turned and glared at April so hard, she stopped crying.

“He was going to die!  He was shot in a major artery and I don’t have the medical supplies to treat something like that!  You need more than some gauze to treat a bullet wound!” he yelled.

I ran over and stepped between them.  “Don’t yell at her!” I said.

Q started laughing like a hyena.   

“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“You two.” Q said in between chuckles.

April and I looked at each other, neither of us knowing what to say.  Q just continued laughing until finally he stopped.  He wiped tears from his basalt colored eyes and placed a hand on my shoulder in a brotherly way.  I shook him off immediately.

“Nothing about this is funny.  You killed that man.” I said. 

Q shook his head.  “No I put him out of his misery.  I just told you there was nothing I could do for him.  Unless one of you knew how to treat a bullet wound that severe, he was as good as dead.  He only had a few minutes anyways.” Q said. 

“You can’t go around killing people for no reason!  You have to help them!” April said.

As much as I wanted to agree with April and continue to scold Q, I knew he was right.  Neither of us had medical expertise and the man looked like he was suffering.  Still, the way Q shot the man without a second thought bothered me.  He had no feeling when he did it.  It had been a cold and calculated hit. 
Q face turned to stone.  “There are a few things you can’t escape in this world we live in now and seeing death is one of them.  Get used to it if you haven’t already because you might have to kill one day.” he instructed.

“Shut up.” I said.

Q merely chuckled.  “I’m only telling the truth.  She’s not a child anymore Jade.  I saw the most logical option and took it.  You can’t blame me for that can you?” he asked.

I wanted to gouge out Q’s eyeballs.  How could he tell a twelve year old something like this?  Q started chuckling again and looked at April.

“Just get over it.  He would have died anyways.” he said again.

April scowled and started walking.  “Leave me alone.” she said. 

Q followed after her.  “Sure.  Boy am I glad I met you two.  You're just the people I need for this New World.  Let’s get moving before we come across another half dead man asking for help.”