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Ghost Writer Wanted
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:25:03 PM »
I have been contacted by a gentleman named Greg from Florida, USA, who is looking for someone to ghost-write a book and possibly a screenplay for him. Here is the relevant part his message to me:

I grew up during the 80's in the Florida Everglades. There is a very famous documentary called cocaine cowboys. I happened to be the generation of these peoples children and know many of their kids. I would like to do a book about the life and times of the younger generation and how it affected our lives.

The second project is one about being a white American Christian man as well as a US Army veteran and surviving in today's world while being attacked from all sides.

Both of these books are non-fiction as they are the actual experiences of my life.

Please advise at your earliest convenience. I am in the US state of Florida!

I have checked and Greg appreciates that he will need to pay a professional fee for this. If you wish to contact him for more info or to offer your services, his email is Obviously, change the -at- to the usual @ symbol.

Nick  :)
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