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Chester's Climate
« on: January 04, 2017, 05:24:11 PM »
Okay, this booklet will only be of direct interest to you if you're British, or live here, especially in the Cheshire or North Wales area. On the other hand I've not read of writers on MWC using Payhip to distribute their books so this experiment might be of interest to you.

I self-published Chester's Climate: past and present in 1985. Printed locally I sold out 400 copies within a year. After a few folk asked for it again even though it is ancient history, I finally copied all the pages, added a bit of update and commentary and uploaded it to Payhip. I add the original cover as a separate jpg and a blurb. I set the price experimentally at $2 - after all I did all the work in the 1980s ! Within 10 minutes Payhip published the ebook and my first sale came 10 mins later.
Here's the press release I've now sent to local papers, facebook, etc
CHESTER’S CLIMATE: past and present new edition released 4th January 2017
Geoff Nelder MSc., BEd., FRMetS.
The same Geoff Nelder, who has over 80 stories and 6 novels published along with many articles on cycling but also weather – an interest permeating many of his stories.
This 40-page booklet was inspired by extremes of temperature and rain in the 1980s and was first published in 1985 when Geoff was a geography master at Queen’s Park High School, Chester. The book sold out in the same year. This edition is substantially the same but with a couple of pages at the end updating temperature and air pollution trends. Currently it is sold as an ebook readable on your computers, tablets, Kindles, smartphones etc but a paper version will be out soon.
In this book are answers to:
Did the mid 20th Century have the best summers?
Are we due for the storm of centuries?
How often has the River Dee frozen over?
How is the Chester climate suitable for farming?

Did you know that local weather in Chester:
Uprooted trees in the city centre?
Made the city walls fall down?
Made a church kill a child?
Made a man eat his wife then is eaten himself?
Had colder winters than 1947 and 1963?
Had tornadoes and hurricanes?
Has its own cloud formations?

The price is only $2 (£1.62) via paypal from