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Word Games on the iPhone
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:31:16 AM »
Does anyone here from MWC play any word games on your i phone eg Scramble with Friends or Word Scramble?  I play quite a lot recently and find there are others out there who really take it very seriously!  LOL  If you would like to play along with me send me a PM with your avatar and I will send you a request.  I find I am quite good at the game and have very few people to play against who are word friendly.  This presents me with few challenges and I would like to play along with people I 'know' and who do have a good power of the English language and it's fun to do, but not so much fun when I win every time.  Mind you there is one guy with whom I haven't won a game yet, he's incredible and the scores are really high.

So if you have an ~Apple phone and would like  a word challenge, let me know.


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Re: Word Games on the iPhone
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