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Hello everyone!
« on: November 18, 2016, 03:19:33 PM »

I want to become a script writer/screenwriter. I am currently writing my script aimed for older children and teenagers. It is going to be an adventure and action story about a group of people discovering a new world and how they deal with it. I aim to make my story appeal to mostly older children, teenagers, and adults (PG rated).

I also want my story to appeal to both the female and male audience, (even if my main characters are mostly females) My story is mainly an action and adventure story filled with a bit of drama, Sci-Fi, fantasy, a slice of life, dark scenes, lighthearted comedy and a bit of romance. The first story I'm about to create may sound a little crazy and silly in the beginning, but eventually, you will get used to the concept. I mean in anime, they have a lot of bizarre and strange ideas for stories and yet anime fans still love the story for what it is.)

I would like to receive lots of critiques so that I could improve my writing and make this script into a huge success one day. I was thinking of making it into a 2D animated Youtube series once the whole script is 100% complete, then I can move onto storyboarding and so on.

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Re: Hello everyone!
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Welcome aboard.
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Re: Hello everyone!
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Welcome to MWC. We have a great community who generously give their time to offer feedback, but be sure to do the same. You'll find poetry, prose, and scripts all awaiting critiques on the boards. Since you mention wanting lots of feedback. understand that other do, too.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to read the forum guidelines-

You might also consider entering any open flash, short story or poetry contests. They’re fun and anonymous.

Should you need any help along the way, just message a moderator.


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