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I am the author of The Creative District
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:39:45 PM »
My name’s Jonathan Manor.  I’m the author of The Creative District.  Right now, I'm pretty much everywhere.  The last place I was in was Los Angeles.  Before that, I was in Rome and living and traveling all around Europe.  When I travel, I like being able to speak to the people in their own language, and I like learning about their food, customs, and culture.  I like understanding things.  I like learning.  Along with being an author, I’m into art and music, and history.  I paint, I like wine, cooking, and tequila; good tequila, not the tequila you would find at a college party in a plastic bottle.  Right now, I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about things. 

Here’s the description of The Creative District:   

It all starts off with a woman who can't stand to watch her son die by suffocation in his sleep.  As she watches the time on his oxygen tank dwindle down, something happens which leads to her son having to watch his mother die in front of him.  Confused by the dates of the newspapers, Ethan tries to come to terms with understanding that he had lost the past few years to a coma, and now walks the streets homeless and lost, all while strange occurrences begin to arise.  It was only when he met the girl at the train station and they both found themselves at the center of swirling exploding glass spheres appearing from the floor that Ethan's life of aimlessly wandering parks and avenues would change dramatically.  Introduced to the world of Creative Breeds, Ethan finds that people could teleport, giants walk amongst the common, and a community of people have created their own culture under the veil of the forest. However, not everything is fantasy. In this place, some people can turn into animals and some can't turn back. People who can create illusions must first deal with the threat of their own imagination. Even in a world where everyone is seen as unique and exceptional, Ethan still finds himself alone, struggling with what it's like to be different.

I blog at and my book is available on Amazon. 

I would love to meet new and fantastic people.  If you want, feel free to send me a pm on this forum or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. 

Here’s my Facebook page.

Here’s my Twitter page.    

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Re: I am the author of The Creative District
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Greetings, Nine, and welcome to MyWritersCircle. Sounds like you've got a very interesting life travelling all over the world!

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-Regards, Skylan

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Re: I am the author of The Creative District
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Nice to meet you, Nine.
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