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WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
« on: June 30, 2016, 09:22:50 AM »
To a T Wins The Long Poem Poetry Challenge #139

Congratulations to To a T for a wonderful poem in a crowded field.

You win bragging rights and the honor of hosting Poetry Challenge #140. congratulations again. :)

Congrats to all those who participated - there are some marvelous poems included.

Here is the winning entry:

 Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Helen,
  circa 1980s

Are those the feet that rocked the switchbacks up north
Sissybar straddling 3.50 horse?  
Stepping out in borrowed spikes much too high  
And red like the sea or rear of a Mustang
To avenge her travels come to an end.
Cooled mufflers under a sheet metallic
Rusty chain gone quiet for heels that click
To go subterranean in Tokyo
Off at Ginza to learn the ropes
To prim and press, pull the hem a little less,
Raise a leg and throw it thus, to lean    
And coo, pour and wipe, stifle the twitch, the itch,
To bury her nails in a climbing hand,
That hoards and sleeps and feeds and knows not her.

So taking a napkin by its spine she finds
The diamond creased, folds it back, in and out,
Contorted paper party hat, waiting
Like a cracker for the guests to arrive
Ah, but didn’t she hear, another baits
Simon&Garfunkel in New York state.
Together, last night, take a break
Make it five, hurry the ice to melt and die
Lipstick, mascara, retouch a line,
Stepping out on an escape for more news
Flash of Marlboro, smoke curls, in a twirl    
Of Walkman wire the hostess fills her in
Above the crowd much too loud she rewinds,    
Spinning whirling wheels, a woman sits Supreme,
And that guy, what’s his name, John’s assassin    
Given 20 – as if we had that much
Chapin too… cats in the cradle, silver spoon
Dead – a fiery mess, tape is pressed forward fast
Sweet Helen searches for the breath to tell
Her story, how by now she’s not engaged  
To, in, by, or nothing.  Never mind,        
We’re all outside, all of us Lone Rangers  
Jerkin’ off, ain’t you heard, Hi-Ho Silver.
Helen cries, ‘Show me how, who, and where and why?’
No heroes, no mask, she’s even lost her ride
No sex, no drugs, no wine, no men, no fun  
No sin, no you, no wonder it’s fucked    
Everyone around her is a total              
Stranger, everyone avoids her like      
A psyched lone ranger – everyone, that’s why    
She’s turning Japanese she thinks she’s                
Turning Japanese, she thinks she’s turning.

Helen reaching down, recycles napkins          
Off the ground, bent and round, oh so lovely      
To see, to be a piece for all she meets            
Leans back as wanton muscles swing, straightens  
Wilted collars, smoothes the misfortunes              
Of men drunken to the lees, times enjoyed          
Greatly, she’s suffered greatly, adjusts her bra
Over a hungry heart to send patrons off
With homecoming waves a princess might do            
Politicians maybe, hostesses too.                  
Hanging on taillights till lost at the turn,              
Pulls down her hem like a cistern chain,
"But Sweetparts," coos Ulysses,
Your knickers still show, with miles to go
It’s not too late to find a newer world,
Beyond fate and time, sunsets and baths,
To be a part of the horizon,
To be that which we are, we are, to move
Heaven and Earth and seeking Helen’s gone.

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Re: WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
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Thank you.

Poetry Challenge #140 is up.
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Re: WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
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Congratulations  :)
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Re: WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
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Re: WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
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Lovely long poem. Congraulations!

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Re: WINNER! Poetry Challenge #139 The Long Poem
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