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Zombie script; Damien's Disciples
« on: February 15, 2016, 04:46:36 PM »

Close on a pair of eyes. We hear gun BLASTS, random terrified SCREAMS. The camera pulls back to reveal a zombie in terror. He covers his face with his hands smearing it with blood.

ZOMBIE (under his breath) Where am I here? (screaming) WHY AM I HEEEERE!

This is followed by a montage of identical scenes flashing on the screen. We at last pull back to show a batch of zombies on blood soaked ground SHOUTING, SOBBING in deep emotional pain.

The screen goes black and in the silence we hear a male VOICE.

VOICE (whispered) Come over to the light.


THE CITY OF SHALOM. Overcast. The ocean in relative calm, SEAGULLS, the SPLASH of the waves, etc. Along the shore are huge, charred fragments of metal. From the tent we hear CHEERING and APPLAUSE and a male VOICE bellowing from a loudspeaker.


Hundreds of men and women SHOUT like in church, WEEPING, as the man on the platform speaks. In the audience is a blend of ZOMBIES and humans, side by side, practically cuddling.


MICHEAL, 30ish, the facial features of Jesus Christ, the long, brown hair, the beard.

MICHEAL - You and your resurrected loved ones are the chosen few! The Lord Papa Ligma has through me heard your impassioned pleas!

The congregation explodes with AMENS or HALLELUJAHS. We hear a couple of women SOBBING as it settles down.

MICHEAL - None of you knew that dark hour would soon fall upon you! No one knew those ungodly, destructive creatures would soon invade your world!


Enormous humanoids in jagged armor storm through the sand discharging their massive weapons at men women or children, blowing them to bits. Their advanced space crafts line the shore with people racing around and under them. A woman kneels over a dead child, sobbing. She looks up seeing an alien heading her way. She takes off running. We see the face of the fallen child.

MICHEAL (V.O.) - But they failed to accomplish there goals, people! The loved ones they thought they’d sent to their maker still live!


We hear at least three women SOBBING in the audience.

MICHEAL - They still live with an unconditional love for you as you give unconditional love in return! (booming) My people; it's the powers the Lord’s invested in me that has restored their lives!

Micheal raises his hands in the air as the congregation releases a flood of AMENS, HALLELUJAHS, CHEERS and APPLAUSE. A PIANO plays and the congregation breaks into a HYMN. We see RAYMOND HOPETURN (black, late 40s, political activist) and his wife PORSHA (black, late 40s) as they walk onto the stage, both emotionally worn, but strong and determined as they look at the audience doing their best to smile. We see a family of three, an arrogant CARL DUGGER (white, early 50s Mayor of Shalom, CA) his equally arrogant wife MARIA (white, early 50s) their son, Barry (zombie, early 20s.) Micheal quiets the crowd down. As he speaks he hears the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (amen) (tell the truth).

MICHEAL - As expected, the Lord sends only his most dedicated workers in such crises.

He turns to face Carl and Maria behind him.

MICHEAL - We have five of them on stage behind me. To my right we have the Mayor of Shalom, Carl Dugger, his wife, Maria and the resurrected son, Barry. (to the Duggers) Will the three of you please stand?

They stand to the loud APPLAUSE.

MICHEAL - What words do you have for our flock, Carl, here in the city you'd been running so beautifully?

Micheal hands Carl the mike, looking now ruined and desperate.

CARL - I would like to, first of all, extend my gratitude to you, Micheal, for the resurrection of our son.

With relative composure he turns to stand face to face with Micheal.

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Re: Zombie script; Damien's Disciples
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2016, 11:30:25 AM »
I really enjoyed reading this. I think you have a very good idea here, though I recommend looking into proper screenplay formatting.

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Re: Zombie script; Damien's Disciples
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2016, 03:30:08 PM »
New to this but I think the formatting is very important. Bit of a genre mash up. Have you seen the BBC's In the Flesh?
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Re: Zombie script; Damien's Disciples
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2016, 05:57:55 PM »
No I haven't seen In The Flesh. I just checked out the synopsis. A good mix of science fiction and the occult.

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Re: Zombie script; Damien's Disciples
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2016, 06:25:55 PM »
 Dude, this is a great start. I'm feeling a foreshadowing of evil coming everyone's way. I do have one question, over a relatively small matter: Is Michael the one looking ruined or desperate, or is it Carl? 
   Your formatting is more advanced, but not quite there. Your emotional impact in the story is very strong, and you even can put undertones of dark foreshadowing into what is supposedly a joyous occasion. Good job, man!